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I had promised many of my friends that I would bring home pictures of hunky Scots. We all know that Scottish men throw hammers and tree trunks for fun, right? Should be an easy thing to get some photos of some ripped Highlander.

Not for me. So far, I have been snubbed by two young police officers (they didn’t have their hats, so they were out of uniform, so they said…), one very hunky ferryman (he said he was shy), and no less than the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond. In fairness to The Right Honourable Alex Salmond, I did not ask him for his picture. He did shake my hand and welcome me to Scotland. However, he gave my traveling companions Homecoming Scotland pins. He didn’t give one to me. Nope. Nada. Zilch.

Even Nessie was camera-shy. Sorry, Zack. I do have photos of a couple of obliging men in kilts from The Gathering and a very nice farmer and butcher from Aberdeenshire whom I stalked all over Orkney and who, due to an unsuccessful hip replacement, was unable to outrun me. Ian Thomson, you rock!

Whether or not I was able to charm the Scots, the Scots charmed me. They are a nation of warm and wonderful people. I am very glad I had opportunity to spend some time in their homeland.

Two kind Scots let me snap their photo.

Two kind Scots let me snap their photo.

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  • Jeffrey says:

    So, I guess the “dailies” are not happening. I hope that you are practicing your Tai Chi and that you are relaxed and focused. Keep the search on and let us know. Any pics? At least you could post a few pics of Hunky Scots without their knowledge?

  • S. D. Coburn says:

    I did try to practice my Tai Chi a little. I found a woman in the Orkneys who practices “Infinite Tai Chi,” but I didn’t have a chance to practice with her.

    My camera was lost or stolen in the Toronto Airport (more on that later), so I lost the last week of photos — including dear Ian Thomson and a very nice bartender in Banff who gave me a bottle opener to take with me so I could open our J2Os. Oh, and I lost photos of Loch Ness, Banff, Pennan, and Stirling Castle, too. I want to cry, but at least I still have my bottle opener.

    I have a few other pics. I did ask everyone for permission to take their pictures, but I didn’t say I would post them on the Internet. Is that ethical?

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