Say that again?

When I say Québec, I say it the French way — kay-bek.  The English version usually sounds like kwa-bek or kuh-bek.  Which is right?  Since I have several French-speaking friends in Québec, I will stick with the French way.

In Italy, there is a very famous city called Milan (mi-LAHN).  In Tennessee, there is a not-so-famous town called Milan (MY-lunn) .  In Brazil, there is a very famous city called Rio de Janeiro — but most people just call it Rio (ree-oh).  In Florida, there is a not-so-famous town called Rio (RYE-oh).

KISS-i-me, (Kissimmee) Florida sounds very romantic, but the town is called Ki-SIM-me by the natives.

How you say a word is its pronunciation.  Everyone pronounces words a little differently.  This is how I pronounce the place names I mentioned earlier.

Do you know of any places with unusual sounding names?  Leave a comment with your favorites.

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  1. Anna says:

    There is a town in Alabama spelled Arab, but Alabamians pronouce it AY-rab!

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